Why Organic Farm?

Organic Farm

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Organic agriculture is a holistic way of high-quality farming besides simply producing goods. It aims at conserving natural resources - fertile soil, clean water and rich bio-diversity. The art of organic farming is to make best use of ecological principles and processes.

Why organic farming?

The green revolution technology, particularly in India, led to the increase in production of food grains by many folds. However, it has taken a toll on water, fertilizers and farming activities . The effect of intensive cropping has resulted in deteriorating soil tilth and decreased its organic matter content. High level of chemicals further degrades soil health. Increased use of agro-chemicals pollutes the water and the atmosphere and, in turn, affects crop production, animals and eventually human health.

The alarming fact is that foods - fruits, vegetables and grains - are now being cultivated on millions of acres of land, which lacks minerals. We are, hence, starved of these minerals, no matter how much ’healthy food’ we eat.

Should we allow these pesticides to kill the future?

It’s high time we take on a journey to recreate Earth and make it a better place to live. At our space, we believe that life with good health co-exist with nature. Hence, the organic cultivation! Organic fertilizers prove to be a better choice than the chemical fertilizers. With organic fertilizers, we can be sure that fruits and vegetables do not contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Come to Healthacation - feel nature in its purest form.

Shocking Facts

Laboratory tests prove that today’s fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs and even the milk and the meat are not what they were a few generations ago. This is verdict to why our forefathers thrived on a selection of foods that would starve us! No man, alive today, can eat enough fruits and vegetables, which will supply his system with the much-needed mineral salts he ideally requires. His stomach simply isn't designed big enough to hold so much.

Water, today, is contaminated with chemical fertilizers containing aluminum, lead, chromium, zinc, copper, cobalt, cadmium etc. Continuous consumption of these waters eventually gives birth to dangerous diseases such as kidney failure, improper mental and physical growth, hypertension, hemoglobin deficiency, hair loss and various skin diseases.


There are places where the groundwater is contaminated with arsenic due to use of chemical fertilizers. Continuous intake of these waters can lead to arsenicosis - a chronic illness. It can also result in various skin problems. Intake of arsenic-rich water can prove to be cancerous to the skin, bladder, kidneys and lungs. Pesticides and herbicides are used to produce higher yields. However, foods grown using such chemical fertilizers have high toxic residues, which are not healthy. In a way, it acts like slow poison for the future generation.