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Experience the holistic ambience of what villages offered in the past. Rediscover nature, peace and tranquility. Treat your ears to the chirping of birds, the gushing cascade and the howling winds heralding showers of rain. Treat your eyes to the mesmerizing view of the sunset, sprawling greenery and rare sights of the flora and fauna. Pamper your skin with moist fresh air. Get away from the maddening crowd, the polluted air and the contaminated waters. Take a break from the rat race and the pressures of your daily life.

Rediscover that, which once was lost - the village experience. Burn the façade you are hiding behind, to put up with the mad rush of today’s world. Get back to the basics and reconnect with Mother Nature. Redeem your lost self and learn to relax.

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Who Gets Benefited ?

Vacation, like any other routine and ritual, is just as important to the health and well-being of families. It's healthy to take a break from the daily demands of work and home. Play is just as important as sleep! Play involves anticipation, surprise and pleasure. Adults who play are independent of the rules of time, and yet strike a balance to respect time.

At Healthacation, we are aware of the benefits of play and family-time. So, we have gone ahead to redefine what vacation means. Come to Healthacation and play your childhood games.

Family vacation on our grounds shirks stress and anxiety; it boosts and rejuvenates the mental and physical health of your family as a whole.

Everyone deserves a break - a detour from deadlines and a timeout from technology! Children witnessing their parents and grandparents having fun, laughing and enjoying life is in itself a valuable lesson. Spending time together as a family cushions children with love, support and safety and security - the key elements required to thrive in today's uncertainties.

Being together for the love of it enriches a marriage. It strengthens the family’s foundation. We encourage family members to talk to one another, learn new skills and discover new interests. In fact our family package is tailored to bind your relationship – a memory worth storing.

Looking for a journey that can unwind you and improve your health as well? We are your answer – come to Healthacation.

Chronic stress takes a toll on us - our body gets prone to infection and even injury, our vital functions are affected, etc. We are more likely to fall ill when we are tired and stressed out, our arteries go for a toss, and we are even prone to accidents. Needless to say, our sleep detains, our digestion stays incomplete and even the genetic material in our cells starts altering with a negative impact. We tend to be irritable, depressed, and anxious - our memory deteriorates and we end up making poor decisions. Life gets mundane and people do not find you to be a fun person to hang out with. This causes isolation, loneliness and depression.

Vacations have the potential to break into the stress cycle. After a pleasant vacation, you emerge feeling all charged up to take on the world again. You gain the right perspective to solve problems, relax with your families and friends, and take a break from your usual routine. Again, all this falls back in place only if the vacation is "effective."

Healthacation features activities and amenities, for working professionals, which focuses on all aspects of wellness. It is designed to be truly unique and, most importantly, a stress-free escape from life’s rigid rules and restrictions.

With the advent of technology and improved comfort, our lives have transformed for the better – for the majority of cases, that is. Traditional play-things and toys have given way to smart toys; some of which can even read minds. The iPad is almost every urban child’s imaginary friend. This results in kids getting isolated from rest of the world. They either don't get the time or they don’t have a place to play; may be even both. As a result, they don’t get involved in any outdoor activity. Sadly, in most cases, they grow used to this arrangement.

Do the kids of today know that there was a time when there were enough mangoes to slurp and guavas to be plucked - ripe, raw, or perfectly crunchy? They probably don’t even know that we once climbed trees and plucked fruits of our choice. Our kids barely ever play traditional games like hide and seek, hopscotch, robbers and cops etc.

Today, students are more or less disconnected with nature, and from the sources of natural food. They are not aware of what good food is, and how it is cultivated. Kids wouldn’t know the significance of an earthworm in a plant’s growth. They, perhaps, may not even have seen an earthworm in their life.

At Healthacation, we give children a chance to experience all that’s good and natural – things that their ancestors never imagined would become a rarity. We also provide tips on self-development and health. We help children discover their hidden skills.

Come… have fun! Learn to mingle with nature.

Why Choose Us?

At HEALTHACATION you are introduced to the basics of organic farming. For years together, the soil at Healthacation has been rid of all kinds of chemicals - taste and relish chemical-free food. Even the organic products you see around here are not genetically engineered. Organic animal products come from animals kept away from growth hormones or antibiotics. At Healthacation, we teach you the basics of organic farming and help you rebuild your bridge with nature. We certainly respect the Earth’s five elements because we are aware how significant a role they play to keep us in sync with Mother Nature. Healthacation is a dream-turned reality and it’s been a long journey – a journey to make the world a better place.

Let’s join hands and take the rest of this journey together.


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The Majestic Illikkal Kallu

Located at a height of 6000 ft above the sea level in the Western Ghats of Kottayam, Kerala, Illikkal Kallu is a major tourist attraction and one of the most pristine spots in all of India.

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