“Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

- Alfred Stieglitz

Visualizing an image even before you capture it is the first step towards taking an impressive photograph. In other words, you need to recognize the potential of a picture if you plan on doing some serious photography and for that you need to have the “photographer’s eye.”


Photography tours are organized by our experts who know the best places and times to capture photographs, from experience. You get the opportunity to concentrate on what you want to capture rather than spending your valuable time on unwanted itinerary details, while on tour. Learn how to control shutter speed, exposure, aperture and other settings in different light conditions, in order to capture that perfect photo.

At Healthacation, your camera and fingers are bound to be kept busy. Capture the wildlife around you through the lens and store it as a memory forever.

Nature on camera adds much flavor and color to the vision you don’t want to let go off. Capture the emerald hues of neatly trimmed tea estates, thick jungles, streams and waterfalls with clouds playing a game of light and shadow along the slopes.

The still waters of the lakes and the flowing rivers reflect the majesty of the hills and moving clouds. The Healthacation team organizes photographic workshops. Our photography workshops teach you to photograph landscapes like never before.

Keep moments of history alive with the art of photography – let us do it together!

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