Get Romantic at Healthacation

Get Romantic at Healthacation

“Sometimes all we need is a hand to hold, a ear to listen and a heart to understand…”

At Healthacation, the very ambience around you whispers to hold hands, walk the trail and feel each other’s pulse. The rustling of leaves, fragrance of flowers and the Earth works towards revoking your basic instincts to feel deeply for each other. Be one with nature as you discover or rediscover yourselves and each other.


When you take some time off for a romantic getaway, you and your partner would have some enjoyable time together. Get away from everyday stress and reconnect with each other. It will have a long-term effect on your lives as a couple.

Love is in the air...

Come to Healthacation – your destination to be with yourselves and one with nature. Enjoy each other's company without anyone to disturb you. See and feel good about each other. Feel relaxed and unwind as a couple, in an ambience that naturally churns out feelings of love and compassion. This translates into a stronger relationship when you return home from the trip.

Choose Healthacation for a naturally sensuous romantic getaway!

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