No Fun No Gain

No Fun No Gain

Laugh - be the one to start those happy ripples

In today’s world you are always amidst a crowd rushing around to get to where they need to. Why, many of them don’t even know where they want to get to. How many of them do you think slow down to take the time off to play, have fun and laugh?

Laugh and make merry

Time and again we have been brainwashed with the idea that working hard, whether you like what you are doing or not, is the only way to success. The funniest part is that people have forgotten to define what success means to them before they set out and seek it. Most of them don’t know how to have fun at work. Having fun plays an important role in helping you realize your goals! It is also important to have fun outside work. Often people forget or overlook the necessity to take some time off and indulge in having fun.

Fun time helps you de-stress

Having fun teaches you to deal with your problems and worries and get smart with your responsibilities. Besides this, it has been proven that your body releases anti-stress hormones, which enables you to relax. This is especially true if you maintain an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle helps in not just relaxing your mind; it helps in strengthening your body, as well. So, have fun even if it is only for a couple of hours each day..

Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. When you need to balance your body and mind, nothing works faster than a good laugh. The ability to laugh easily and frequently is a great blessing that helps enhance your relationships, and support both physical and emotional health.

Anything that has a lasting effect of goodness is good for you. Laughter makes you feel good. This good feeling lasts long after you are done laughing. Humor gives you a positive and optimistic outlook, even in the most difficult situations. Besides respite from the worries of life, laughter motivates you to find hope and give life a new meaning. Humor takes you on a higher plateau from where you view the world with a balanced perspective. You see the world as a relaxed, positive and joyful place to be in.

At Healthacation, we serve fun and laughter for free – and it’s unlimited! Feel free to try out new things. It’s usual to feel silly at first, but you will get there during the course of the day. Keep your judgements and condemnation at bay and seize the present. Being able to enjoy in the present stimulates production of happy chemicals in your brain. Indulge in every one of those LOL moments!

Positive Effects of Humor


You start thinking out of the box and get creative.

Let go of defensiveness

You give up on prejudices, cynicism and stop being judgmental.

Release inhibitions

You let go of fears and start exploring possibilities – it is ok to falter, learn and re-learn. It is the stairway to great gains.

Get Expressive

You don’t keep your emotions bottled-up and fight it. You find it easy to express your emotions.