Go Off-Road with Healthacation

Go Off-Road with Healthacation

“Buckle up and try something new.”

Border areas of Kottayam and Idukki are a much sought after venue for off-road events. Places like Vagamon and Illikkal Kallu have the right terrain to put your driving skills to test.


Rugged line, rocky cliffs, slushy trails, gentle canals, soothing riverbeds, green valleys and mist-capped mountains - see it all in the vehicle of your choice. Trust Healthacation for adventure at its best! We’ll be your base camp while you conquer the hills.

Destination green

Whether it is official - meetings, banquets, product launches, conferences; or personal - birthday/anniversary parties or simply a get-together with friends and relatives, trust Healthacation to carve out the event in just the way you want it. Our state of the art facilities and customized solutions promises to give you a unique experience.

You may be planning on gathering as a group of 10 or much more – you are at the right place when you decide to go with Healthacation.

Come face to face with nature; participate in activities you may have only dreamed about and taste our food to know what ‘fresh’ actually means.

Healthacation – where health constantly is on a date with fun!

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