Family Fun at Healthacation

Family Fun at Healthacation

“Family – like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions; yet our roots remain as one.”

Nourish your family tree, pep-up those roots; gather your family members for a day at Healthacation! Similar to how every branch on a tree grows in a different direction, every individual in a family would have blossomed in a particular manner. There is something for everybody here at Healthacation.

Feast yourselves with adventure trekking, cycling, farming, motorcycling, swimming in the wild or simply curl up in a corner with a book in your hand or a song on your lips.

Everything is possible at Healthacation!

Whatever it is that you choose to do, you have the company of exotic flora and fauna, thundering waterfalls, rippling streams and a soothing panoramic view. Pull each other’s legs, feast together, giggle, laugh and walk down the memory lane - catch up on each other’s’ lives with the perfect backdrop of nature.

Weekend outings, family get-together, romantic getaways, one day picnics, camping for kids, wedding anniversary parties, and birthday parties – you name it and we are game. Team up lazing on the hammocks, feasting on the organic food, sweating it out with trekking or splashing it out in the rain along with tips on organic farming, rain water harvesting, vermi culture, bio gas etc.

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