Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy

Learn to breathe the right way

Did you know that your regular breathing pattern is very likely taking a toll on your body and its functions, in tons of different ways?

It is true. By breathing the wrong way, you are prone to mess up your sleep, mood, digestion, the functioning of your heart, nervous system, muscles, and even your brain. It can even have an adverse effect on your teeth development and so, the structure of your face too. Remember, the ill effects of adhering to bad breathing techniques are aplenty, including crooked teeth and craniofacial abnormalities.


Breathing the right way empowers you with more energy, improved health, great harmony, less anxiety and fear. This results in building better relationships, which in turn, results in a much happier life, altogether. In short, it is highly important that you are aware of the way you breathe and rework on your habitual style of breathing. At Healthacation, we make you aware of the way you breathe and aid you to rework the same.

Come to us to enhance your oxygen intake by:
- Breathing through your nose
- Taking breaths using your diaphragm
- Relaxed, rythmic and silent breathing techniques

Conscious Breathing

Breathing the right way is to physiologically optimize oxygen intake for your body. It's the way you're designed to breathe – just that you were never taught how to do it right.

The breathing techniques we are used to, most often, call for a lot of room for improvement. Some of us tend to breathe too much, while others have gotten into the practice of shallow breathing. We may have gotten used to our style of breathing but this doesn’t make it any less stressful for our bodies. Improper breathing leads to shortage of oxygen, which results in lack of energy and a lot many health disorders.

Remember, each and every one of our body processes depend on oxygen. Some of our most work-intensive organs are:

  • The brain: It uses 20% of the oxygen we consume. When there is a shortage of oxygen supply, the brain works slower, which adversely affects many other functions that are regulated by the brain.
  • The heart: The human heart is constantly active. It beats about 1, 00, 000 times a day. Needless to say, the heart is a huge consumer of oxygen. Shortage of oxygen supply to the heart reduces its efficiency to pump out blood. This, of course, leads to bad blood circulation, which results in cold hands and feet.
  • The muscles: Oxygen shortage has a negative effect on our stamina as the muscles get stiff, tense and they tire easily.

Crucial Effects of improper breathing

Unbalanced nervous system

Breathing plays an important role in maintaining a balanced body because each intake has an immediate effect on our nervous system. Dysfunctionalities like inhaling and not exhaling - probably for a short period but a forced one - results in a tense body, which houses high levels of stress.

Tight air canal

Bad breathing techniques constraints your air canal, which makes it tough for the air to make its way to the lungs and back. When that happens, we have to work harder, or rather, breathe faster to keep up the rhythm in our body.

Constricted blood vessels

It is not just your air canal, which gets affected; bad breathing techniques can also have an impact on your blood vessels. This leads to high blood pressure, which in turn, leads to a higher pulse rate.

Energy deficit

Owing to the unnecessary hard work put in to keep up the body functionalities, improper breathing habits make it tough for the body to deliver oxygen to the cells. Consequently, the cells develop stress as they have to prioritize on survival techniques, rather than development techniques.