Business Conferences

Healthacation for Business Conferences

“Empower your team to break the rules that should be broken.”

- Shep Hyken

Think out of the box - take the first step with Healthacation. It is usual to wonder why the ambience and location would matter for a business conference. Think again!


Change does great things and perfect relaxation techniques catalyses brain functions. The ambience at Healthacation being nature at its best, gets you to witness the magical effect the ambience holds when it comes to churning out innovative ideas, and employees opening up to challenges and suggestions with more ease.

Destination green

What’s more? After concluding your business session, feel free to unwind - go bird watching, butterfly chasing, cycling, trekking – we are game for whatever you want!

Eat fresh food in its best form and breathe air in all its purity. Make the next conference unique – it sure will pay off.

It’s more than just fun at Healthacation!

Pure air | The rolling hills | Feel your soul, whole again