Punganur Cattle

Punganur Cattle

The dwarf cattle from Andhra Pradesh

Punganur dwarf cattle from the Chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh in southern India are among the world's smallest humped cattle breeds.


These cows are a blend of white and light grey. Their broad forehead and short horns add to their unique and endearing look. The average height of a Punganur is 70-90cm and it weighs 115-200kg.

Punganur cows are highly drought resistant - they can survive on dry fodder.

The body language of this cow is similar to a deer - it has a beautiful walking style. This breed, which is on the verge of extinction, has only around 300 odd cows remaining on our planet.

Remember what good milk tasted like?

This breed yields an average of 3-5liters of milk per day and requires a daily feed intake of 5kg. The Punganur’s milk is high in fat content.

On an average, the milk from a normal cow has fat content ranging from 3% -3.5% fat; the Punganur milk contains 8% fat and is highly rich in medicinal properties.

If you’ve never tasted it, here’s your chance.

Main characteristics

- Back slopes downwards from front to hind quarters
- Tail touches the ground
- Slight mobile horns and almost flat along the back