Birding with Healthacation

“Happiness is when a tiny bird sings a loud, sweet song.”

Now, here is an activity for all because all you need is a mind to head outdoors and participate. Believe it or not, this activity is great for the birds and us. Whether it is about the benefits you reap, the increased care for birds, or the scientific observations that occur during the birding process; this activity certainly creates positive paybacks for everyone who is part of the pack.


According to the Alzheimer's Association, learning new things exercises your mind and keeps your brain healthy. Identifying bird species and storing them as a memory, getting to know their physical attributes, etc. stimulates you intellectually. This is a great treat to your health. Additionally, being outside gifts your body fresh air and vitamin D from the Sun.

“Happiness is when a tiny bird sings a loud, sweet song.”

The author of this beautiful thought is anonymous. But, we are sure that birders out there sure agree with the thought. Our team understands that birding is more than the sheer pleasure of watching birds - it is a great way to exercise calmness. If you wish to watch those birds, you need to practice the art of silence.

At Healthacation, we provide tailor-made solutions for all you bird-watching enthusiasts out there. Tropical rain forests are the primary centers of richness and endemism within the Ghats. Our birding tour is specifically designed to bring to you a visual treat of the Western Ghat’s endemic birds. Make the most of it!

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