Healthacation Exercise Hall

Exercise is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies, with numerous health and wellbeing benefits. It needn’t be vigorous, it can even be fun. Your body can stand almost anything; it’s your mind that you have to convince. Healthacation offers exercises which are specifically designed to make you feel better, increase your energy levels and even add years to your life. They consist of simple series of body and brain exercises which leaves you sharper, smarter and far more confident. We have a spacious wooden hall with elegant nature views, for you to perform these exercises and meditation sessions.

Ayurveda Treatment Room

Healthacation has an Ayurvedic Treatment room specially intended and designed as a Healing Centre. It is impeccably clean and provides natural light and ventilation. Upon entering you are welcomed to the sights of Traditional Wooden Pathi and Shirodhara stand crafted by professionals which are the equipments assisting in Ayurvedic therapies.

Swimming Pool / Water Exercises

Healthacation has an exclusive Swimming pool to meet the water exercise and fun needs of you and your family. Although you might not be an exceptional swimmer, you can still enjoy our swimming pool. We offer varieties of Water exercises which provide you immediate access to keeping in shape and happiness. A swimming pool is a delightful place to spend time, where people of all ages can enjoy time together playing.

Restaurant / Natural wood fire cooking

Healthacation gives you an Open kitchen not restricted by walls allowing spaces to flow into each other. It acts as an activity hub for you allowing interactions with your family/friends while cooking. We provide fresh natural wood for fire in the kitchen which have been used by a plethora of cultures since ancient times, not only making your food taste great, but also offer health and environment benefits.

Fish Pond/Fishing

Healthacation has a fish pond where you can enjoy fishing over 2500 fishes ready to be caught. A fish pond has its environmental benefits like water conservation, life support. It’s said that “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. But teach a man how to fish and he’ll be healthy for life!”

Fishing is passed on through generations, providing a chance for families to promote feelings of security and well being, making it a worthwhile activity on your vacation. Fishing teaches you self-reliance and bestows patience to you.

Amphitheatre / Laughter therapy

Healthacation gives you a Natural Amphitheatre, a venue which can be used for entertainment, performances and games with seating capacity of around 200. It gives you good acoustics and we provide sound equipments if you want it a bit louder.

We conduct laughter therapy sessions which provide you relief from stress and lifestyle disorders, increased cardiac health, toned muscles, boosting to T cells thereby strengthening your immune system, release of endorphins thereby reducing pain and promotion of your general well being.

Bamboo Huts

One of the accommodation options in Healthacation are Bamboo Huts. With separate rooms and toilets within the hut, it is the favorite choice of our guests to spend the night at our campus. Benefits of a bamboo hut includes non polluting, allows adequate air flow, high resistance to fire, ability to withstand high speed winds and above all it is completely natural and Health supportive. Our huts can accommodate up to 15 pax comfortably.


Another accommodation option is Tent – Staying within the nature. Bring out the nomad in you and stay with security offered from nature itself. Tent camping gives you benefits such as good supply of fresh air, improved mood, a good night’s sleep, reduced stress, improved socialization etc. Enjoy the first rays of sunlight next day absorbing all that Vitamin D you were lacking. Disconnect from your regular routine and give your body and mind a chance to revive.


Healthacation has a kunjikinar (small well) which is our reliable source for water supply throughout the year. It is placed away from possibilities of contamination thereby providing you clean Well water is naturally filtered, mineral rich and tastes better giving you a complete feel of well being..

Meditation Point

Healthacation offers ambient space for your meditation needs thereby benefitting you with relief from stress, improving concentration, healthy lifestyle, happiness, self awareness, inner acceptance, delayed ageing and boosting your immune system. Meditation point is placed on high grounds to facilitate adequate air supply and natural wellbeing.

Office Room

Every business has an office space. We do too. Motivation is difficult to retain, so it’s nice to have our dedicated staff bouncing ideas to each other in that Office. Constructed inside a wooden house, we enjoy the perks of healthy work patterns and take the advantage of opportunities to connect with our clients through most modern amenities in our office room. Walk in and get to know more about Healthacation and its services.


Everyone is not an adventure junkie. You wish to enjoy the calmness and serenity of a silent Nature. Wish you had a book in your hand? Well, here we are. Healthacation offers you an exclusive library inside the wooden house, with books meeting your tastes to be enjoyed in the nature that we provide. It’s quiet and none bothers you allowing you to plunge into your imaginations. High placed lights give you a chance to explore our book collections even at night amidst the cold.

JeepShed /Cycling

Well, hey off road adventure fans, Healthacation provides a jeep and mountain bikes for the adventurer in you. Travel once in a while off the beaten tracks.

Light house

Healthacation has a light house which functions as a reliable source of light and also navigational aid for the tourists. Gallery at the top gives you an ample view of the surroundings and enjoys the adjoining nature.